HYDROSEEDINGWhether you have bare spots or a new lawn installation hydroseeding may be the avenue for you. Hydroseeding, first commercially developed in the 1950’s, is a process of mixing grass seed, hydromulch, and fertilizer with the proper amount of water and applying that mixture across the desired lawn area.  Working closely with local turf farms, we here at Thibodeau landscaping have developed a seed blend, Thibodeau estate, specially suited for our growing conditions in southern Maine. The hydromulch is an organic blend of recycled paper and fibers designed to both help retain water and allow for faster seed germination.  Those, combined with our 19-19-19 starter fertilizer produces a proven slurry of seed, mulch and fertilizer sure to green up your yard.  When following proper watering procedures and Mother Nature allowing clients will see grass shoots in 10-14 days.