Spec House Hardscaping

Wrap around granite steps, concrete paver walkway, and a freestanding wall block tree well all help to complete this contractors project.  On a foundation up type project like this, its always a good idea to install hardscaping features such as these in the phase before lawn, garden or other such landscaping is installed.  

Pool Patio Extension

During the course of remodeling a client’s landscaping design, an idea was hatched for repurposing an existing brick walkway.  With a natural stone pool deck it as often difficult to find a spot where a serving table or drink cart could sit evenly while entertaining.  The solution: taking the bricks that had previously been a… Read more »

Fire Pit Patio

This fire pit centered within a large 20′ diameter concrete paver patio giving the family ample room to not only sit around the fire but also have tables and chairs set back off it.   pictured here before and after application of polymeric sand.

Blue Stone Landing

Tired of having a loose stone transition area from their driveway into their home a client came to us for help. After discussing the issue and seeing the existing blue stone steps, we decided the best course of action would be removing the old loose 3/4″ loose stone and installing a new blue stone patio…. Read more »

Deck Reduction

A seasoned wooden deck had finally served its purpose by the spring of 2016 and was ready to be replaced. The homeowner decided to use composite decking in a dramatically reduced deck area to accompany the new paver patio that took the square footage previously being accounted for by the deck.  

New Granite Stairway Installation

        When the homeowner became tired of navigating a steep grade to reach the walkway to the main entrance their home, they called us for a solution.  With the addition of 7 granite steps, and new granite lamp post, and some new stepping stones we were able to tremendously ease this homeowners… Read more »

Shed Pad

Using large pressure treated timbers backfilled with compacted crushed gravel and top dressed with 5″ of 3/4″  stone we can level any yard in order to have a level surface to place or build a shed.  In this instance the client had ordered10’x12′ prefabricated shed and needed a level area for it to be placed on.

Driveway Neglect

After years of neglect this pea stone driveway needed some serious help.  After removing the years of grass and moss growth and any other unwanted material we resurfaced both the driveway and walkway, returning the areas to pristine condition.

Brick Walkway Rehab

After years of standing up to Maine’s punishing season cycle a client finally had enough of their heaved and collapsed walkway.  Following a consultation, a plan of action was established of lifting and resetting the walkway, including adding new plantings to the preexisting beds.