Pathway to the Beach

  After regrading homeowners yard and installing a stepping stone walkway, the owners now have any easy way walk down to the ocean.    

New Retaining Wall

Fed up with the chipmunk motel and a colony of bees living in an old boulder retaining wall that runs parallel with a clients main entry, they decided it was time for a change.  After demoing and hauling off the old wall, we installed the proper gravel base and built a new, chipmunk free, wall using… Read more »

Patio with Blue Stone Landing

While doing our due diligence for  new backyard patio we discovered a septic clean out was located right at the foot of the stairs descending from the porch to the new patio.  Knowing that someday there might be an emergency where that clean out needed to be access we had to devise a way to… Read more »

Back Patio Remodel

Here again we see a tired and outdated brick patio and concrete steps.  After removing the old steps and brick patio, we installed a new set of granite steps and concrete paver patio breathing new life into the backyard living space.

Aesthetic and Practical

This local business was not only concerned with the enhancing the look of their entrance but also to make it safer for their cliental and staff in the winter months.  The existing stepping stone pathway was difficult to shovel and properly maintain in winter months as the sunken slate stones would often retain snowmelt by… Read more »

Revamping a Gooserocks Beach Driveway

This parking spot had certainly seen better days by the time we got the call to come in and give it the repair it so desperately needed.  Knowing we had to reuse the pavers already on site, we meticulously picked up and noted the location of all custom cut pieces so we’d be able to… Read more »

Same Entrance, New Look

To help get the completed look for their new back deck, we removed the old asphalt and installed a brick landing pad with cobblestone edging . 

Matching Brick and Cobblestone Walkways

When in the process of renovating a home for resale the walkways couldn’t be ignored.  With several sinkholes from pesky chipmunk tunnels these two walkways had to be replaced.  After removing the old outdated pavers and base soils we installed a new base to industry standards followed by the new brick walkways edged in cobblestone.

Quick Fix to an Eyesore

Here our client was looking for a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to conceal their newly installed generator and propane tank.

New Backyard Patio

Following years of tippy chairs and uneven tables, this couple finally decided to move their outdoor living space from the lawn to a patio complete with a bump out specifically for the grill.