Our mission at Thibodeau Landscaping is to provide a full suite of only the highest quality landscaping services to our customers.  We work closely with each client in understanding their needs and strive not only meet those needs, but to exceed them.


Thibodeau Landscaping was founded in 1990 by Bob Thibodeau.  Bob has decades of experience in all aspects of the landscaping profession.  Working out of their central office in Kennebunkport, Bob and his team have worked hard to grow the business into one of the most respected and efficient landscaping companies in southern Maine.


Successfully operating and growing since 1990, Thibodeau Landscaping has many years of experience under our belt.  We are a proud member of the Maine Landscaping and Nursery Association and hold numerous certificates and licenses recognized throughout the landscaping and hardscaping industry for quality service.


Every team member at Thibodeau Landscaping is an important asset.  We have 16 employees, each of whom bring their unique backgrounds, skill sets, and talents to the table to create a diverse pool of over 50 years combined experience.  Working so closely with clients to meet their needs, we consider our staff to be an integral part of our business model and we think you will truly appreciate the talent and professional workmanship they bring to your project.