A New Outdoor Living Space

The first step in transforming our clients backyard into a new outdoor living space was to strip out the lawn and remove all soils unsuitable for the foundation to our new patio and fire pit.






Next we set the torpedo base blocks down on top of 6″ heavily compacted crushed gravel. These base blocks also help in the forming the arch to our patio that will have a 16′ circumference. We then begin to build our wall mixing 3″ and 6″ freestanding wall blocks.


Once the wall has been to built to the specified height we backfilled the interior of the circle with gravel and compact it. This will serve as the base to the patio pavers. A custom built cottage stone fire pit is then constructed in the middle of the circle.


With the base and fire pit now installed we can begin to lay the pavers. These particular pavers are Grand Katahdin and come in three sizes allowing us to lay a more intricate pattern. With the majority of the patio down we work on cutting and piecing in pavers to fit snuggly against the wall and fire stone blocks.


With the pavers cut and in place our next step is to cut the outside radius. After nailing in the edge restraints we then sweep in the polymeric sand into the joints, sealing the patio.


The final steps are to loam and sod the edges and glue on the cap stones to the top of the wall.

New firepit