A New Lawn For The Nonantum Resort

Damanged Nonatum Resort FieldThere were several factors that culminated in severe damage to a large lawn area used by the resort for daily activities and as a premiere wedding venue. The busy 2017 wedding season took its usual toll on the property but what really did the lawn area in were; a wet and snowy Fire and Ice Festival, the resorts annual end of the year bash and a grading issue that allowed surged saltwater to not properly drain.

The first step was to strip out the existing dead lawn, bonfire pit, and poor soils.

Next we added new loam, to give the new sod rich soils to root in, and to change the existing slopes/grade to allow water to travel where we wanted, rather then sit and pool.

Finally we were ready for sod. With this particular installation being so large we opted to use large 36″ x100′ rolls of sod unrolled with specialty equipment from Down East Turf Farm.

Damanged Nonatum Resort Field Damanged Nonatum Resort Field Repaired Nonatum Resort Field